Health Drinks Market-Navigate the Confusion

The health drinks market is overwhelming in terms of choices, information, and product claims that range from providing energy to disease prevention. In our surveys we find that in the heat of a decision most people simply choose what is immediately and easily available. The selection of the right health drink can be simplified by categorizing the types of health drinks, identifying their strengths and weaknesses, and then following specific guidelines in making the healthiest choice.

Let's first look at the functional beverages market. Functional beverages are the class of beverages that that are made up of various types of berries, fruits, or vegetables in a blended form. V8 is a functional beverage from a vegetable. Zango is a functional beverage from a fruit. Noni, Gogi, and Mona Vie are functional beverages from a berry. The functional health drinks market provides products with vital nutrients that we wouldn't otherwise receive unless we sit down for a salad. These drinks make it extremely easy to supplement the diet with healthy plant sources when on the run. The problem is that the human body requires highly varied sources of nutrients as no one fruit, veggie, or berry covers all the bases.

The next classification is the basic fruit juice such as orange juice, grape juice, apple juice, pineapple juice, and the like. These juices are full of the vitamins and minerals required by the body for cellular metabolism, providing energy, and the necessary water for hydration. The problem with this class of health drinks is that they are highly processed unless squeezed at home. They are often very high in sugar which, when ingested, causes the blood sugar to rise. The result is an insulin response. The ongoing blood sugar and insulin spikes can cause, over time, damage to the heart and kidneys. It is known that the pulp in whole fruits serves as a buffer to too much blood hitting the bloodstream at once so eating fruits as opposed to drinking their juice is more beneficial. This minimizes the chance of an insulin response or "hyperinsulinism".

The third group that you may have read about lately is the cell renewal formula. This group consists of the aforementioned two as well as combinations of fruit or berry extracts, herbs, and other medicinal plant compounds. The class is very small and has been limited in its exposure for the time being but is an emerging trend in nutrition science. This is the new age of the health drinks market that is grounded in nutriceutical science and that will revolutionize the way we view our health and longevity. Cell renewal is the process by which the body regenerates its tissues on a daily basis. 300 billions cells replicate themselves daily just before they die. The results are a new body every 7 years in terms of the age of the cell. Advanced cell renewal formulas pack a powerful punch by providing all the necessary compounds that allow the cells to reconstruct themselves in a superior fashion. The results are higher energy producing cells that can transform the way we look, feel, and perform.

It is important to know that the health drinks market and energy drinks market are two different animals. These are anything but healthy. You probably know already that these beverages are loaded with sugare(Type II diabetes and obesity)?) or artificial sweeteners (known carcinogens), caffeine, ephedra or a combination of the three. Excess caffeine and ephedra are nervous system stimulants and result in an impending energy crash. Sugar does the exact same thing. Now that you have the latest tips on the health drinks market do choose wisely as your health has more value than all the riches in the world.

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