An Energy Drink : And Germanys Invasion

Tucked in the peaceful confines of terrains of bliss, calm and relaxation, Germans are rudely being awakened, jolted and surprised by a most disturbing creature, origins unknown.

Consider the family of four who decided to pack their clothes, coolers brimming with beer and two, teenage kids, both boys, about fourteen and fifteen years of age, who decided to escape from the rustle and bustle for a three day weekend. All scenarios played out with the usual expectations as they had numerous times before when they made the same journey, seeking fresh air, bright green landscapes and anywhere a phone could not reach them.

All things seemed just as it should be. Their vintage automobile pressed into each corner of a daunting hill, screeching the tires every now and then. The kids were deeply asleep with visions of who knows what, but since one of the boys had spittle dripping from the shadow of his lips, one might guess his thoughts were of enjoyment and pleasure not yet experienced.

Helen, the wife, too was in a intense slumber, probably caused by the jarring white noise of the engine of the car surging itself up yet another car-eating hill.

It is only thanks to the evidently, hidden camera, ironically positioned just so to capture what was to unfold. Perhaps, a coincidence being the same time K-fee energy drink was being introduced to the country. But, what was clearly meant to be a commercial representing a peaceful setting was unfortunately thrust into the epitome of a scary German energy drink commercial , perhaps one hundred and eighty degrees in the reverse direction of all plans, rehearsals, and run-throughs.

No one could have planned it, and unless there was a video camera at a distance to capture the bigger picture, citizens of Germany may not be pacing frantically, losing sleep and up at all hours completely baffled and flabbergasted by what was filmed. Although there is video proof, to date, German authorities have kept quiet about what has transpired that day. Perhaps to purposely keep it under the rug, or pretend it never was captured on film, but one thing is for sure, the rest of the world will never be the same again. The invasion is starting.

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