A Drink Dictionary

Keep it By Your Side

The answer is simple and that is to get yourself a drink dictionary and study it. Even then, you will want to take your drink dictionary with you to work and keep it close at hand. This is because, at some point in time it will come in handy and save the day for you.

You Must be Knowledgeable

One very important thing for you to understand, is that while bartenders do make good, to fair tips in most drinking establishments, it is only in the more exclusive establishments that they rake in the really big bucks. The fact is, that you don't have a chance in hell of getting a job in a high end watering hole unless you truly know your stuff when it comes to mixing drinks and cocktails.

The Big Oral Quiz

A drink mixing oral quiz is the first thing that any potential employers is going to give you and don't think for a second that you are going to B.S your way through it. Either you have the knowledge between you ears, or you don't and that is all there is to it. Also, don't think that you can train on the job, unless of course you are young, cute, have big boobs and the creepy manger who is 20 years older then you is looking for a new girlfriend.

Great Trivia Info

So, do yourself a favor and get yourself a drink dictionary and study it. Even if your have no plans on becoming a bartender, all the drink recipes it contains will make damn good trivia info you can always pull out to bedazzle some of the the more easily impressed people that you run across from time to time.

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