The Right Machine For Your Morning Brew

There are many types of coffee makers today, from the simplest to very complicated ones. So, depending on whether you just want to pour a quick easy cup in the morning, or you want it to start on a timer and wake you up, or you want to make fancy coffee drinks like espresso or cappuccino, you will find the machine that is tailor made for you. For the true aficionados, there are machines that will grind the coffee beans right in them before they are put into the coffee maker.

Whatever type of machine you choose, if you take proper care of it, it will last longer than if you do not. If you have bought an expensive espresso machine, you definitely want to take good care of it. One of the first things to remember is to turn the machine off when it is not being used; that will automatically extend its life. If you are a big coffee drinker and make a lot of coffee, don't be surprised if you do not get as time out of your coffee maker; you are just working it too hard. Keeping the coffee maker clean will also extend its life: run a cup of half water and half vinegar through it at least once a month. You do have to run clear water through a few times to make sure all of the vinegar is gone, but using this method will keep your coffee maker and your coffee fresh.

If you do want the convenience of having your coffee all made when you wake up, a machine with a timer is great. Just put the water and coffee in at night, set the timer to your wake up time, and you will arise to the wonderful aroma of freshly brewed coffee. The developers of these machines have recognized how impatient some people are, so they now have machines with "flow interrupters" so you can grab the pot and pour your cup before the machine is even finished brewing.

In addition to the large number of features coffee makers now offer, they also come in all sizes, colors and designs. Shop around and you will find the one that not only matches your decor, suits the number of cups you need and will also wake you up in the morning! Many models offer you the flexibility of making as little as one cup or a whole pot of ten cups. There are even coffee pots that are portable, so you can make your favorite cup of coffee on the road, on a camping trip, or visiting friends or relatives who are not coffee drinkers.

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