Starting a Brewery on a Budget

The world has again discovered what real beer is. Many people are tasting beer for the first time and let me emphasize the word TASTE! Germany is known for beer back to beer's roots, but America has pushed the limits with extreme beers.

Around the world some Americans come across as loud, braggadocios and arrogant. Well, I guess we have earned it, based on some of the pop stars in the press today. But, when it comes to beer, or should I say "Craft Beer," we have built a reputation worldwide for new, exciting, flavorful, extreme beers. Beers that are Loud, Braggadocios and Arrogant!

America now has more breweries than any other country in the world and they are popping up everywhere. Well, everywhere except around where I live! But, that will change eventually, because the market for Craft Beer is growing everywhere.

There are many people who brew their own beer at home (homebrew) and they would love to build and start their own brewery, but do not have the funds. You can find turn-key commercial scale brew systems for about a quarter of a million dollars, but who has that kind of capitol to start?

Tom Hennessy had produced a VHS video back in 1995 called FrankenBrew. He explained how to build a commercial scale brewery using stainless vessels from old dairies and other sources. He told you where to find used tanks and how to modify them to function as brewery equipment.

He explained the brew process and equipment on a commercial scale. He showed you several breweries that have done it and he showed you his own equipment. Top Hennessey has made a huge impact on the Craft Brewing industry worldwide!

I had gotten a bootleg copy of this old video and when I first saw it my jaw dropped! MAN! Where had this video been all my home brewing life? I tried to find a source to buy one, but it was not available anymore. I am an avid home brewer and some may say I think I know it all, but there is a difference between home brewing and commercial scale brewing. I watched that video over and over and I learned something new each time.

I host the Brewcast BrewCrAzY, so I gave Tom Hennessy a call and got him on the show, so he could tell our listeners about his video from last century. He was surprised to find that there was a FrankenBrew following. FrankenBrew Systems were all over the world. FrankenBrew had become a cult classic.

With the popularity of homebrew and Craft Beer, this video needed to be brought back to life. So, just like the Monster Frankenstein-FrankenBrew has been brought back from the dead! In a joint effort between, Tom Hennessey, the original producer and BrewCrAzY, FrankenBrew LIVES AGAIN! BrewCrAzY had Tom send them one of the last four remaining original VHS tapes. We digitized and formatted it to DVD. You can only get it from BeerBooks online, but they are the number one source for books and DVD's about beer.

If you are a home brewer and have no desire to start a commercial brewery, you still need to see this video, because you will learn so much. By the time you get halfway through it, you will be thinking about starting a microbrewery. If you don?t brew beer, but love a good Craft Beer you need to see this video also. You will become the brewing expert amongst all your beer drinking friend. It will help you understand your beer.

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