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While you can find many types of alcoholic drinks beer is one drink that is very popular with lots of people. Of the many types the Mexican beer verities are also quite popular. These beers from Mexico are ones that we are very familiar with. You have probably heard the names of these beers. They include beers like Corona beer, Anheuser-Busch beer varieties, Negra Modelo and others.

While you are probably going to find many different types of beer that you can drink while you are in Mexico these are the main verities for the most part. Corona Beer which is enjoyed in lots of countries is brewed in Grupo Modelo. This is the largest brewery that you will find in Mexico.

The beer that is produced by this brewery is of the highest quality. The main countries where you will find people drinking different types of Corona beer includes Canada, the US, Japan, Australia and even England. There are variations to the Corona Beer that is drunk by quite a lot of people.

While Corona Beer is very popular with beer lovers in different parts of the world, in Mexico there are certain domestic beer types which are firm favorites with the Mexicans themselves. These local beers are well known in various corners of Mexico.

Corona Beer has a large international following of enthusiastic lovers of its refreshing taste. The many connoisseurs of beer will tell you that this beer has a light, dry taste to it. You will it seems be able to taste the hops and malt which has been used to brew this excellent beer.

Now to make sure that your drinking experience of Corona Beer can be enjoyed at anytime of the day you should make sure that you have chilled the beer and then serve it with a slice of lime or lemon. The sour tasting citrus slices will enhance your appreciation of the different varieties of Corona Beer.

Besides drinking Corona Beer on its own this beer is also a fantastic accompaniment to fresh seafood and other light tasting food dishes. For a beer that is fabulous with food and friends there is no other choice that you can make. Try any of the Corona Beer varieties and see how well they fit into your day’s schedule. Once you have tried Corona beer you will never be satisfied with drinking anything else, as nothing is smoother than a Corona Beer.

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