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Have you ever stopped to think about the history behind that little cup of coffee you drink everyday? Coffee in itself is an interesting topic in itself. At one time, the average household would brew a small amount of coffee, perhaps add in some sugar and milk and call it a cup. Home percolators and brewers were the norm. Times have changed and now you can brew any type of coffee like a pro. You don’t have to go to the fancy coffee shops for a good cup of latte or cappuccino. Here is a quick look at the why people drink coffee and how drinking coffee has changed over the years.

Why choose coffee? If you are a true coffee fan, then you probably can walk into any Starbucks and order whatever you want like a pro. You know what each word means and you know what makes your favorite cup of coffee. Those who are not big coffee fans think that some of the phrases and words used in the coffee circles sound like another language. However, there are probably more coffee lovers than not. People drink coffee for various reasons. Coffee is used a stimulantâ€"to help you wake up in the morning. Some people say that they cannot function unless they get their cup of coffee first thing in the morning. Now coffee has changed and people drink it because they love the taste and because it is so inventive. You can add all sorts of things to your coffee instead of drinking just a plain black cup. People love their coffee and you can never convince a true coffee drinker to give up his or her habit.

Coffee of yesteryear: Around the 50s, if you wanted a good cup of coffee, you needed to visit your local diner for a cup. However, as times have changed, so has brewing coffee at home. Old percolators made coffee, but it never tasted very good. That was about the only way to get a cup of coffee. In the 1970s, ideas changed and the new drip method was introduced. This brought about changes that helped every household brew coffee quickly and inexpensively. Filters added to the coffee makers made this process even easier. As time went on, flavors were added to coffee so that you could try out all sorts of interesting flavors.

Grab a cup today: Now that humble cup of coffee has truly evolved. Espresso, cappuccino machines and even latte machines can be purchased for your home. If you want a unique blend or flavor, you do not have to travel far. You can do it from home, or visit your corner coffee shop. You can try out a French plunger or even the vacuum brewer, all designed to put the complete coffee making process into your own hands. Whether you enjoy a dark, aromatic black up of coffee, or a double latte with all the trimmings, you can find it. Brewing the perfect cup of coffee is both an art form and exact science. That is why people love their coffee

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