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When you want to start making your own beer, the absolute easiest way to start is with the use of a kit.

Home made beer tastes better and costs much less, but there are a lot of other reasons why you should start to brew your own beer. The first reason is that its is so much fun to make and drink your own home brew, second, if you are used to drinking beer in a wide variety of different flavors this is also an excellent way to try out some of the different beer kits. There are many different types of beer like:

- Lager

- Draught

- Real Ale

- Stout

- Bitter

- Dark Ale

- Australian Pale Ale

- European Lager

- Canadian Blonde

And within these types there are different flavors you can choose from.

But if you already have a favorite brand of beer there is a very good chance that you will find the recipe of that beer in one of the specially written books with recipes for well known beer brands. This way you can drink the beer you are used to and like to drink but you can still be proud and say you have made it yourself with a home beer brewing kit.

Talking about brewing kits can mean two different things. It can be about a home beer brewing kit which is actually a microbrewery set, this is the equipment you need to brew beer at your own house or about home beer kits, these are the ingredients each kit contains malt, hops and yeast to produce 6 gallons of really great beer. There are also beer kit packages available this is the beer kit of your choice plus the advised fermentable and carbonation drops for bottling.

What is the basic content of home beer brewing kits and what is it meant for?

In a good kit, which are also known as a microbrewery kit, you can find the following components:

1) Instruction book / DVD

2) a plastic fermenter with lid for 6 gallons of beer

3) a sediment reducer

4) Hydrometer

5) thermometer

6) big plastic spoon

7) bottler tube

8) airlock

10) bottles and caps

11) beer kit package (beer kit, brewing sugar, brewing yeast and carbonation drops

A plastic fermenter is a specially designed bucket (keg) with an airtight seal, this is were the beer is left to ferment, there also is a sediment reducer and a tab with the fermenter, this is to make sure the yeast sediment stays in the fermenter when filling the bottles.

It is important to keep a check on the temperature of the brew, that is why a thermometer is attached to the fermenter.

The airlock allows CO2 to escape, that is produced during fermentation. and it prevents contamination from coming in the brew.

And the most important piece of equipment is a Hydrometer, this is used for fermentation ad it tells you when your beer is ready for bottling. Just start with your new hobby and create your own unique flavor or try and create the same flavor you have been drinking for years.

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