Having A Beer Belly

Hands down it has to be beer and a beer belly, because there’s no denying it, if you love your beer you will have a beer belly, even if it is a wee small sagging gut and not a beer belly of legendary proportions.

There are many things to be said about having a beer belly and most of them are not complimentary! Truth to be told, a beer belly is really not a sight to behold in the joyous context of things. There are better things in life to look at than a beer belly, but then again, if you like beer, it’s definitely not something that can be avoided.

One of the most famous beer bellies in history has to be that of Homer Simpson’s beer gut! There’s no denying that the erstwhile yellow-colored Homer Simpson with his beer guzzling ways is a role model for beer lovers everywhere! Of course there are other ways that a person can get this sagging beer belly.

The first way to get the famous or infamous beer belly – depending on how you look at it – is to drink tons of beer while you are sitting in front of a TV. Oh and you may want to have a couple of bags of nachos and dip close at hand. These are just a few of the food items which will promote the beginnings of a beer belly.

Now ladies just in case you think that a beer belly is reserved for men only think again. For the pleasure loving ladies the easiest way to get this nightmare figure is through a lack of exercise coupled with rich foods, read junk foods here. By living this easy lifestyle you can get a beer belly and without drinking any beer.

Once this beer belly starts creeping into your life you will find that it has taken over your life. And if you don’t do something soon enough you may not be able to see your toes let alone find any great looking clothes to wear.

Well once you notice that you have the beginnings of a beer belly you will need to take some steps. These steps will include a healthy regime of exercise. Now by this you don’t need to kill yourself to a six-pack or lovely curves. What you can do is to go for long walks, swim or go bicycle riding. In short any activity where you are moving your body.

The next step is to cut down on the rich foods and alcoholic beverages which lead to this beer belly. Once you have controlled your diet and lifestyle you will need to let time dissolve your overhanging beer belly. Remember that it took time plus beer and an unhealthy way of living to get your beer belly. Now it will take time to get rid of this monster of a beer belly.

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