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Beer is believed to be the oldest alcoholic beverage on the planet, with a history dating back thousands of years. Today, it remains the most popular alcoholic drink, coming in many different varieties.

More modern brewing history tends to have been dominated by European monasteries, where beer was often made to help quench the thirst of pilgrims from far and wide.

Some of the finest European beers can trace their histories back to the monks, notably drinks produced in Belgium, France and Germany.

Northern and Central Europe are seen by many as being the real heartland of the brewing industry. From the famous lagers of Germany, Belgium and the Czech Republic to the traditional ales of Britain and Guinness, that famous stout from Ireland.

Each country, or region, has its own brewing traditions. Variations in those traditions and local tastes have led to the wide variety of beer production that we see in evidence now.

Of course it's no longer the case that the most famous beers are always to be found in production in Europe. There are now strong rivals from Asia, Australia and North America.

When it comes to talking about my own favourites, I tend to appreciate local brews that have a unique taste to them. It always confuses me why people would, for example, choose to drink a popular North American lager when in a British pub.

As a rule, I would look to drink ales when in England, just as I'd opt for Guinness when in Ireland. Many beers don't travel well and will actually taste better when close to their source anyway.

So how about you? Do you have a favourite beer? Maybe you've never tasted much of a variety because you stick to what you know. If so, you're missing out.

There are thousands of beers in this world, many of them varying considerably in taste and appearance. Be adventurous and make the most of them.

You never know - you may discover a new favourite. If you really get a taste for beers then you might even consider making your own.

That's a new adventure altogether!

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