Enjoy A Beer With Dinner

The story of drinking habits in Britain over the last twenty years has been all about the rise in the popularity of wine. Can brewers tempt people to enjoy a glass of beer with their dinner, rather than wine?

When you think about alcohol consumption in the UK you may well tend to concentrate on the idea of drinking a nice pint of beer in a traditional British pub. Pubs are a fundamental part of the landscape of the country and they're always closely associated with beer drinking.

This traditional scene has changed considerably in the past couple of decades. Brewers of real ales have faced increasing competition from wine and lagers. Now, some are concerned about the possible impact of the smoking ban too.

How are breweries going to hit back? Efforts from organisations such as the Campaign for Real Ale (Camra) have centred on emphasising how great it is to drink traditional British ales. They would question why anyone would want to opt for a tasteless imported lager when there are so many better options available.

The the number of British vineyards being relatively small, wine drunk in this country is largely imported.

If you at what is being drunk in pubs and homes up and down the country then you're likely to notice a large amount of wine that's been imported from the likes of Italy, France and the New World producers, including Australia, South Africa and Chile.

Wine seems to appeal to women in particular. It's a drink that can be enjoyed with a meal, or which can be refreshing on a summer evening. In this context, how can the breweries hope to compete?

The answer must lie in the number of beers that are currently to be found on the market. With so many varieties, offering so many different taste experiences, there are beers to suit all occasions.

Just like wines, some beers are perfectly suited to accompanying red meat dishes. Others go better with poultry and fish.

Experiment with the various beers on the market - you're likely to be pleasantly surprised by what you find.

Next time you fancy a drink with your dinner, why not opt for beer rather than wine?

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