Brew Your Own Beer At Home

I bought this product about 20 yrs. ago and I can attest it is terrific. You will be amazed at the difference in taste without all the additives and preservatives of name brands. You can also see the difference it makes in the clarity.

It is easy to make about 20-30 to cook, then put it in the brewing keg for 5-7 days, add yeast and bottle. Yields about 3-4 cases per batch depending on the kind you are making. The hardest part is waiting for it to age (4-6 wks.) I cheated and tried it after 2 wks. with my first batch and there is a difference in taste from 2 to 3 to 4 wks. after that i didn't notice much of a difference. I had friends over and to a person they were impressed with the flavor and clarity as well. Some of them even drank it warm (which is not my choice) and they said that was the true test of a good beer.

It runs about $5 a case which is less than most name brand 6 packs. Getting empty bottles was a simple task and the kit comes with caps and a capper. After I made my first batch the waiting was no longer a problem, as I would just make a batch every week or 2 and soon built up an inventory. A number of friends wanted to buy it from me but I never sold any, I would give them a case and told them that I wanted the bottles back. I was fond of dark beer and this was an inexpensive way of fulfilling that fondness. Name brand dark was somewhat high so this method fit my wallet as well.

It is simple to do and the taste is well worth it.

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