Belgian Beers Simply The Best?

When someone says 'Belgium' out of three people, one thinks of Belgian beers. And the two others? They think about Belgian chocolates or waffles.

Many people just trust beer specialists like Michael Jackson. (No not the singer.) But read it now for yourself and impress your friends with your beer knowledge.

four hundred different beers... no single country does better, and certainly not a single country with only 350 square kilometers! Belgium has more than one beer for each day of the year. Now that's something!

Belgium has a very sophisticated beer culture: beer is not treated as a normal drink, but with a lot of care. A Belgian poors its beer in its own specially branded glass, on the good temperature and with the perfect head.

Then there is the amount of places where you find good beers. Every supermarket, restaurant, night shop and club has a nice selection of basic beers and specialty beers.

You say wine is better than beer? Well wait until you read this: beer is a more sophisticated product because of the fact that it is brewed with a higher number of ingredients.

And lastly, Belgian beer has on average one of the highest alcohol levels in the world. The beer with the highest level of alcohol is of course a Belgium beer and with 12% it is really something Belgium can be proud of.

On our site you will find much more information about Belgian beer, because there are far more than just five reasons our beers are so particular.

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