Belgian Beers are Simply the Best, Why?

The Belgians and their beers are unseperatable. The Belgian beer is treated as the most special in the world and wins a lot of awards worldwide.

Obviously you already heard a friend, book or television host talk about the famous Belgian beer. But now it's time to find out for yourself what the 5 main reasons are that Belgian beer is so widely honored.

That Belgium has over 400 beers, all different and unique is one factor why it's so popular. If you take all the temporary and limited edition beers into consideration its even a lot more!

Belgium has a very sophisticated beer culture: beer is not treated as a normal drink, but with a lot of care. A Belgian poors its beer in its own specially branded glass, on the good temperature and with the perfect head.

One of the reasons why Belgium is a paradise for beer drinkers is that you find beer on every corner of the street. In the most simple supermarket, restaurant and night-shop, you can find a basic selection of popular and specialty beers.

You say wine is better than beer? Well wait until you read this: beer is a more sophisticated product because of the fact that it is brewed with a higher number of ingredients.

In Belgium we give our beers up to three fermentations: the normal one, one in a barrel and one in the bottle. These beers have a very high alcohol volume. The Bush Amber of brewery Dubuisson has nothing less than 12% alcohol!

These were the main reasons Belgian beer is so special. But there are more, to read all about Belgium and its beers you will have to take a look at our blog.

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