Before You Start With Home Brewing

Are you ready to get started with home brewing? Maybe you and your family went to a home brewing supply store and the brewing bug got a hold of you. Or maybe you tasted this great home made beer at a friends house, it could even be that the stories you heard from some people talking about home brewing got you started to think about picking up this lovely hobby. It is true that ones you ve started thinking about it, it will be hard to get out of your mind. But don t rush out to the supply store just yet. Don t go online to order that good looking brewing system and empty bottles or complete brewing kit because there are some things you should know and think about.

Does your family know about your plans?

Before anything else, first talk with your family members. Maybe in your mind the best and greatest beer is being brewed by you and probably you think that when your family members taste this they will forget about not knowing about it and cleaning up after you. Your family members won t be happy if they keep on tripping over your brewing system or when your spouse has to mop the spilled beer of the floor when you didn t involve them in the decision process. Make sure you all decide together that this is a great hobby to have.

Stick to the basics first

Once you start looking in to this new hobby you will be amazed at how many recipes there are for home brewing. You will see them everywhere, in books, on the internet and when you visit a micro brewery you will probably get some handed out to you. But having all those recipes doesn t mean you have to try them all, at once. Don t get in over your head, start with the normal recipes, the ones that are written in such a way that you understand it. Best thing to do is to start out with a recipe of a beer that you can buy in the store. That way you can compare the brew you made with the one you can buy.

Don t be afraid to ask for help

Starting on your own is never a wise thing to do. Ask around if one of the family members is willing to help out. Better yet, try to find someone who is experienced in home brewing and is willing to help you out. Ask this person if he/she can help you out with setting up your home brewing equipment, and help you put together your first recipe. They probably will be more then happy to sample and taste that first batch and help you fine tune for the next batch of home brew beer. Have a look around on the internet and stop by some of the many home brewing websites to find some beginners recipes.

Don t give up to soon

If at first you don t succeed ..... well you know the drill, try again. Never think that the first batch of home brew beer will be the best of them all. Chances are that it will be the worst or maybe even not drinkable. If that s the case don t give up. The fun of home brewing is the fact that every time the taste of the beer will be slightly different then the time before. There will come a time that the batch turns out great and you get the hang of brewing your own beer. Then you will start thinking about the more complex recipes that exist. Or you will try out your own secret ingredient. Just don t give up.

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