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Beer, glorious beer. As many of us know, beer is the blue jeans of drinks. It goes with anything, from salads and appetizers to steaks and burgers all the way down to dessert. It can even go by itself. And just like any overpriced designer jeans (which pretty much serves the same purpose as with cheaper ones), beer has its counterparts in the form of exotically made, relatively expensive yet equally intoxicating brews. So for those who are wondering, "Where exactly can I find the finest booze in the world?" here’s a list to satisfy the connoisseur in you.

Samuel Smith’s Imperial Stout:

The ye olde brewery was founded in 1758 at Yorkshire, England. But it wasn’t until 1852 when a man named Samuel Smith ponied up the cash to his son in order to purchase a privately owned brewery at Tadcaster. Since then, the name Samuel Smith has been synonymous to excellent quality. Most of their beers, with the exception of two, are made with malt, hops, yeast, and water. Among the most famous ones in their lineup is the Imperial Stout, which is also considered a "vegan" type of beer. Although they import their products to different countries around the world, nothing beats chugging down a fresh stout straight from their brewery in England.

Sierra Nevada Pale Ale:

Established in 1980 at Chico, California, the Sierra Nevada Pale Brewing Company is now one of, if not the most popular of all craft brewing companies in the United States. These guys aren’t just some commercial company out to sell us standard quality drinks. They take the "craft" of making beer quite seriously. Seeing how their pale ale is world renowned is proof enough. They also produce hoppier, oak and cinnamon flavored beer such as Winter Celebration, and Summerfest which has an appropriately sunny and citrusy taste. Also, a number of their products have been featured in hit TV shows such as Friends and Sex and the City.


The Duvel Moortgat Brewery was started in 1871 by a man named Jean-Leonard Moortgat in Steenhuffel , Belgium. Originally made to celebrate the end of the First World War, Moortgat named it Victory Beer. But during the 1920’s, an avid beer drinker tasted Moortgat’s concoction, and declared it to be "nen echten duvel" (a real devil) because of its high alcohol content (8.5%). The name stuck ever since, and what was once considered a commemoration to life after chaos ironically became, well, the devil’s handiwork.

Trappist Beer:

If one Belgium brewery produces a beer from hell, then another Belgian brewery creates a beer worthy of God’s divine graces. In Scourmont Abbey, in the Belgian Municipality of Chimay, monks are responsible for producing one of the best beers in the world since 1863. Named after the Trappist monks who make them, Chimay (or Trappist) Beer ranges from tasting nutty, creamy, light, and incredibly bitter.

Red Horse Beer:

The San Miguel Brewing Company is a Philippine based division which has its roots dating all the way back to 1890. They are the largest brewing company in the country, and their beers are world renowned, not to mention a staple of Philippine culture. Among their products is the infamous Red Horse Beer. Not only is it known for its full taste and acid like strength, it is also surrounded by urban legends. One of which suggests that the beer is mixed with a good amount of gin, which explains why it is insanely strong. Another rumor points to its packaging. Like rare baseball cards, each case of Red Horse supposedly contains one or two "Happy Horses." Seeing a horse insignia on the bottle with its mouth slightly curved upwards (resembling a smile) is a symbol that the beer it contains was made to be twice as strong as those in regular bottles, giving more happiness to those who gulp it down, that is, until they wake up the next morning.

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