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Beer is known to be a drink that is supposed to quench your thirst. To get people to buy different varieties of beer there are various beer commercials that tempt us to buy these beers. These commercials that you will see everywhere are found in different types of media. For instance you will see beer commercials on TV, on bill boards and even at sports matches.

These beer commercials are kept at a light hearted medium as they show people all of the best things which can happen if you drink a particular type of beer. There are other beer commercials where you will see different types of animals being used to promote beer. Now these animals are not seen drinking any beer. Instead they promote the beer by showing the lifestyle which can accompany the drinking of beer.

You can see the humorous side of these beer commercials as they merely try to show you that drinking beer is a friendly activity. You may have seen many of these various beer commercials to remember the more memorable ones. For instance you may remember the beer company who had a bull dog as they mascot for the beer commercials.

In this series of commercials Spud the Bulldog was seen living the good life as he was surrounded by people who loved coming to the parties where he was as there was great food, fantastic company and free flowing beer. Of course after a few years time Spud was retired. The next set of animals to grace our lives with beer commercials was a trio of frogs or toads.

For these fun commercials you see a pond scene at night. There are three frogs seated on rocks and a lily leaf. You suddenly hear one of the frogs make a sudden noise. This frog says the word Bud. The next frog then pipes up with another word. This time the word is wise. And finally the final frog says the final sounds, which are "er". At first each of these sounds is somewhat far apart.

As the words come closer you get to hear the words these frogs are croaking. The frogs are letting us know about the fact that even frogs are impressed by the Budweiser beer. As you see there are many fun things which can be found in beer commercials. And despite the fact that these beer commercials are in some cases more than ten years old, you will still see the influence which lingers with beer commercials.

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