After water and tea, beer is the third most oldest and popular drink across the globe. Beer was said to be found in around 6th millennium BC. It is produced by fermentation and brewing of starches. Wheat, rice, corn and cereals are commonly used for beer. Millet, sorghum, cassava root, potato, and agave are some of the less used starch source. Making of beer is known as brewing through which starch source is converted into a sugary liquid known as wort. Then the process of fermentation by yeast into alcoholic beverage called beer.

Most important ingredients of beer are water, starch source, yeast and flavors such as hops; mostly flower of hop wine is used as hops. Earlier beer, especially wheat beers had a cloudy appearance. With the usage of clarifying agents’ beer now appear bright and clearer than the older styles of beer.

There are different varieties of beer available. Almost all countries have different methods of making beer. There are mainly two types of beers one is pale lagers, which is globally popular and the other one is ales, which is again categorized into various varieties including pale ale, stout, and brown ale. Alcoholic content in beer ranges from less than 3% to 30%. In some countries beer with 1% alcohol content are served for children in school instead of soft drinks. But nowadays the strength of beer has increased.

Beer varies in different types in different countries. The starch source differs from country to country. In Africa sorghum or millet are used as starch source while in Ethiopia Tella is used. There are specially designed beer glassware like white beer glass, pint glass, pilsner glass, beer stein, flute glass and lots more. It is very beautiful to see the bright and clear beer in the specially designed glassware.

There are many festivals in the name of Beer. Beer festivals are a part of enjoying beer. Among the beer festivals, Oktoberfest is the most celebrated and enjoyable festival. Many tourists across the globe come for Oktoberfest. Playing cards, darts, bags and other pub games are some of the social traditions and activities related to beer drinking.

Like alcohol beer has all health affects that of alcohol consumptions. Beer drinking is considered as a social drink. It is consumed all over the world. Brewing industry is one of the fast growing businesses. There are many small companies to big ones which produce beer across the world.

In a survey it was found that low alcohol beer carries anti cancer properties, and in another survey it states that nonalcoholic beer is good for cardiovascular. Some people say that beer drinking makes beer belly. But according to survey beer belly is because of overeating and lack of muscle tone.

Beer is one of the oldest and most popular drinks. There are many beer pubs and parlors world wide.

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