Becoming a Home Beer Maker Is Easy And Fun

When those weekends with your beer drinking buddy's become a little bit expensive, but you and your friends would like to keep the beer party's coming. Then you probably have considered becoming a home beer maker at one point. It is really not as complicated as you might think, becoming a home beer maker is in fact a lot of fun. You need some time and some patience but after that you can have a great quality home made beer and can be proud at yourself. If you prefer you can get some friends involved, it is a great activity and you will probably have a lot of fun as a home beer maker. At the end of the day you and your helping buddies will have enough beer to trow a party.

It all starts with a good home brew store

The local home brew supplier will become your best friend in the near future, you can find everything you need in one store and you will have the expertise of an experienced home beer maker. Home brew suppliers are most often home beer makers themself they can help you to get going. Most of them started their business out of passion for beer and just saw an opportunity and jumped in. Finding yourself a good home brew supplier is your first big step in becoming a home beer maker.

It Takes time to build experience

We said it before, you need some time and some patience, when you brew your first beer it will probably take you two, tree times longer then when you have build some experience. For your first beer making experience make sure that you don't have to do anything else for about four, five hours.

You need to find a space in or around your house, you can put the fermenter, this means a room without carpeting and where a little spilling cant do any damage, most home beer makers use the basement, garage or some place like that. When an airlock comes out just a little of the fermentations can leak, for your brew that is no problem, but when you do it in the living room, and you do get some water damage, your partner won't be that happy. So make sure that you set your brewing equipment up where a little mess doesn't matter and is easy to clean. A little mess should not put you of in becoming a home beer maker.

We advised you to let your friends give you a hand, well now is the time you really need them, when your done brewing, you end up with five gallons of beer that needs to ferment, and so it needs to be moved, and five gallons of beer is really heavy. Because you don't wont to spill your unfermented beer, you need to ask a friend to help you.

Becoming a home beer maker is fun, and remember after you are done brewing, you can have a party with your friends. The ones that helped you but of course also the ones that didn't.

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