All About Beer Kegs!

Beer Kegs are hassled, cylinder kegs intended especially to contain and dispense filtered and pasteurized keg beer. They are often made of aluminum and require an extra nozzle to pump out the contents, and are often used to transport large amount of beer because of their shape.

The beer inside pressurized kegs must be filtered and pasteurized to deliver the yeast which the beer is made from inactive. Doing so increases the ledge life of the beer without negotiating or compromising the flavor.

Beer kegs are designed purposely to dispense keg beer. Not to be confused with drought beer, keg beer refers specifically to beer served under pressure. Strictly, drought beer means any beer served from a larger container, which could include beer keg or cask ale.

Many people disapprove of beer kegs and all beer served from a pressurized keg, especially since the 1960's when pasteurized drought beers were restoring conventional cask beers.

Often times beer provided from pressurized kegs can taste bitter and the carbonation can be low, even if the quality of the kegging process has improved. Still, some people believe chemicals are used in the process, as often lead drinking large amounts of beer from a pressurized keg can lead to headaches or nausea.

Even though the concerns of beer drinkers, keg beer has replaced traditional cask ale in many bars and alcohol establishments. Because of the anxiety of consumers, many bars offer both keg beer as well as cask ale for their drought beer collection as well as traditional bottled beer.

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