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Like a young child who has observed a new exciting toy, this piece of writing about alcoholic shots will present a whole new world of excitement and wonder for you. I like drinking beer, and I occasionally enjoy a bottle of wine, but my favorite thing has always been to drink liquor. I do have mixed drinks on occasion, but I prefer doing alcoholic shots. A lot of people frown on alcohol shots, but I think they are great. You don't have to shoot them either. Sometimes, a shot of whiskey is best when sipped slowly. Other times, however, it is nice to shoot your shots. The harsh, powerful taste combined with the sudden burst of intoxication can really help you to forget your trouble. My favorite alcoholic shots are the simple ones. I like plain whiskey, straight up scotch, and even vodka. Vodka is a tricky one, however. You need to chase vodka with something, and not all chasers are equal. If you want to shoot vodka, you had better learn a bit from the Russians. Chase it with dark bread, preferably covered with eggplant caviar, or else with a slice of onion dipped in salt. Pickled vegetables are also excellent chasers for a vodka shot.

From what you have read so far, determine if this piece of writing has answered any of the questions that you had on this complicated subject. One of the most enduring alcoholic shots, of course, is tequila. There's something so thrilling about shooting tequila ? especially when you're starting to get pretty drunk. There is this sudden rush of flavor that you go through. First there's the taste of the salt, then the shot of tequila, and then the powerful taste of the sourness of lemon. By the time you're done, all your taste is this clean, citrus taste, yet your throat is still burning from the tequila. Usually, I will choose one kind of alcoholic shot and drink it all evening. Sometimes on special occasions, however, I will switch shots off and tried a variety of different drinks. One of the best occasions was my 21st birthday party. Everyone knows that on your 21st birthday,You have to drink anything that anyone buys you. I tried some alcoholic shots that I would never drink again. One of the most startling ones was a cement mixer. I do not remember exactly what it was. I think it was Bailey's and something citrus. You take two shots, mix them together in your mouth, and swallow them as they curdle. Basically, you're taking a shot of cheese. Believe me, it is every bit as revolting as it sounds. Nonetheless, it is sort of a rite of passage. Everyone have to do it once in their life. I recommend doing it only once. We all know we get wiser when we read something new. Therefore, learning about alcoholic shots has already helped your brain more than you know.

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