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FEI Company Of USA (S.E.A.) Pte Ltd FEI is the world leader in electron microscopy technologies and applications that delivers subnanometer resolution for materials research, life sciences and electronics with resolution down to the sub-
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From the world's first DualBeam' system, to market-leading scanning electron microscopes, to the world's most powerful, commercially-available transmission electron microscope, FEI's Tools for Nanotech are enabling researchers, scientists, and industrial pioneers to see, analyze, and manipulate two- and three-dimensional nanoscale structures. Our market-leading instruments, which include scanning electron microscopes, transmission electron microscopes, Dualbeam' systems, and focused ion beam tools, push the boundaries of discovery and exploration, facilitating breakthroughs in pharmacology, biotechnology, forensics, pathology, materials science, semiconductor manufacturing and data storage.

FEI's product families push the boundaries of nanoscale imaging and discovery, enabling researchers and manufacturers to perform work more quickly, more precisely and more easily. Designed with a focus on the nanotechnology needs of key business segments, models within families include different features, providing a range of capabilities.


FEI tools perform a wide range of applications for semiconductor and data storage, research, industry, and biology and life sciences.

  • Semiconductor & Data Storage (3D Metrology, Failure Analysis etc.)
  • Research (Materials and Sample Preparation, Nanoprototyping etc.)
  • Biology & Life Sciences (Electron Tomography, Biological Production and Viral Load Monitoring etc.)
  • Industry (Direct Beam-Writing Fabrication, Dynamic Materials Experiments etc.)

You are most welcome to find out more in our Corporate FEI Web Page: www.fei.com.

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