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Extra Space Self Storage is a leader in the self-storage business in Asia, providing self-storage facilities and services to individuals, families and businesses in densely populated Asian cities facing space constraints.

We provide highly secured, self-contained storage units giving individuals, families and businesses flexibility to rent space sizes according to their needs. Storage units ranging from 16 square feet to 450 square feet are available and rental periods for these units start from two weeks to as long as required. Customers also have the freedom to upgrade or downgrade their storage unit at any time.

Our five facilities in Singapore are conveniently located, near expressways and easily accessible via public transportation. All our units are modern, clean, ventilated and well-lit. Each storage unit provides a lock mechanism for the customer to use their own padlock and features sophisticated 24-hour security systems including a personal access code system which allows customers to access their property at their convenience, seven days a week. Air-conditioned storage units, kept between 23 °C to 25 °C, are also available.
Types Of Storage

Finding space to store valuables and personal belongings, in densely populated cities like Singapore, is a challenge for all of us. Not only do we need space for our things, we want it on our terms and we want to be in control of how and when we use it. Thus, we want to have the flexibility to change our plans at a moment's notice.

Fortunately, Extra Space's Self Storage spaces help you to satisfy these needs. Not only can we give you space. Extra Space also understands that everyone's storage needs are different. This means that we don't force you into a fixed space for a fixed lease term.
We make storage easy, so that you can focus on your business. We offer economical solutions for your office records, inventory, samples or equipment, compared with renting more office or shop space.

For example:
Hospitals and researchers use self storage to keep back-up and archive material off-site, but easily accessible 24x7.

Self storage is highly useful when you have peaks due to the arrival of large shipments. Rent expansion space for as little as two weeks and vacate when your stock has moved on.

Flexible, all-hours access means event organizers can come and go whenever they please.
Extra Space Self Storage has personal and business wine storage facilities - the first to be offered at a self-storage facility in Singapore and Malaysia. Fitted with strong and durable shelving, lockers and walk-in “cellars” with capacities ranging from 54 to 400 cases, each facility allows easy access and retrieval of wines - 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The units are kept in a close range of 13 °C, and a constant 65% to 75% humidity, and feature additional security access points. Customers also enjoy complimentary use of a tasting room (in Singapore) which has been designed to provide a private and cosy ambience to appreciate wine with customers, families and friends.

Extra Space Self Storage's exceptional wine storage facilities and services are available at the Boon Keng Road, Eunos Link and Marymount Road facilities in Singapore and at the Chan Sow Lin facility in Malaysia.
301 Boon Keng Road 339779
Tel : 6771 3100
12 Kallang Sector 349281
Tel : 6771 3100
7 Kaki Bukit Road 2 417840
Tel : 6771 3100
9 Sin Ming Industrial Est Sector B 575654
Tel : 6771 3100
2 Jurong East Street 21 609601
Tel : 6771 3100
14 Ang Mo Kio Industrial Park 2 569503
Tel : 6771 3100
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specialised in self storage solutions, develops and operates modern facilities for personal, business and leisure storage, provides room temperature storage, air-con storage as well as a specially designed wine storage
They are a leading self storage operator in Singapore, Korea and Malaysia. They simplify lifestyles and expand living spaces by giving you the spaces ,expertise and services to de-clutter the way you live and work.
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wow the storage space is quite reasonable, have been using them fro temporary storage until i find a new condo to move to =)
Making sure that your belongings are safe is an invaluable step after making the decision to rent a self storage unit. One of the most commonly used package materials are boxes, but these should not be any other box that came along with something you purchased. It is not advisable to ask for leftover boxes from supermarkets or warehouses as they might not always support and protect your items properly. While buying boxes might seem like a waste of money at first, investing in them will definitely help in the long run as they are guaranteed to keep your belongings safe.
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