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DELCHEM - Urban pest management solutions

Delchem Singapore Pte Ltd, established in 2007, supplies premium quality, environmentally responsible, urban pest management solutions for use by professional pest control mangers. With the cooperation of Ensystex/USA and VAPCO/Dubai, was a strong incentive for Delchem Singapore Pte Ltd., in producing reasonably priced and high quality products.

DC Lizard glue trap - Lizard trap DC Rat cage - rat cage DC Triangular rat station - Rat station DC Rat glue trap - Rat trap Prothor 200SC - Termitcide for soil treatment Tornado 2.5? - mosquitos, fly, cockroach control DC Rodent station - rodent station Debuff - buffer/duster Delchem Singapore Pte Ltd (Hillview Building) Hymenopthor - Ants granular bait

Insecticides for - Public health

Products & Services

Public health

  1. Public health pesticides
  2. Equipments
  3. Baiting
  4. Monitoring traps and station


  1. Herbicides
  2. Fungicides
  3. Fertilizers

Public health pesticides

Residual and space-spray pesticide

  1. Maxxthor 10SC
  2. Dipthor ULV
  3. Tornado 2.5EC
  4. Zymethrin 5 EC
  5. Delete 2.5EC
  6. Delete 2.5SC
  7. Vapcothrin 5EC
  8. Aerothor (Aersol spray)


  1. Prothor 200SC
  2. Tercol powder 0.5%
  3. Daclor 200SC

Larvaciding chemical

  1. Tornado 2.5EC
  2. Temephos 1% SG



  1. DC Sprayer - TL68 (hand held stainless steel sprayer 6L)
  2. MD Mist Blower (MD431M)
  3. ULV Sprayer

Fogging machine

  1. PulsFog
  2. Fogmaster 6208
  3. Fogmaster 5330


  1. Debuff

Flying insect system

  1. I Trap 35
  2. I Trap 50E
  3. I Trap 100E
  4. Flex Trap 45
  5. Flex Trap 100E
  6. Flex Trap 100WP


Cockroach and ant

  1. Speck cockroach gel bait
  2. Antgel
  3. Hymenopthor ants granular
  4. Goldben GR (cockroach and fly bait)

Monitoring and traps station system

Rodent trap

  1. DC Rodent station
  2. Easy mouse trap
  3. Rat glue trap
  4. Board rat glue trap
  5. DC Triangular-mouse station
  6. Ratryl TP (Rat tracking powder)
  7. Nofar-1 (Rodent pallet)
  8. Nofar-2 (Wax Block)

Lizard trap

  1. Lizard trap

Termite inspection system

  1. DC termite above ground
  2. DC termite In- ground

Broad spectrum herbicide


1. Clear out

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