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Care Visions Singapore is a subsidiary of Care Visions Group (UK), providing professional home based physiotherapy and dementia care in Singapore. Care Visions Group is the leading integrated home care group in the world. We have a total of more than 1,000 skilled nurses, therapist and counsellors across 3 countries (UK, China and Singapore).

Care Visions had accumulated rich experience while serving the national health system in England, providing home rehabilitation care and physical therapy during the past 20 years, In particular, we continue to develop the physical and psychological recovery with dual interventions for patients by incorporating current evidence based research from all over the world.

Care Visions adhere to the person centred service concept, thus in our staff training process, we focus on the continuous improvement of our service team, by providing professional care in line with the needs of the patients and their families.
I would like to acknowledge the quality home care provided by Generation Home Care.
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2 Dec 2011 14:43:11
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Home based physiotherapy and dementia care

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