Secondhand Container Sales / Purchases

Almost 90% of the container business consist of secondhand containers. For Noble Container Leasing Singapore Pte Ltd, integrity and professionalism play a massive role in the whole container trading business. The distribution of the so-called Standard-Equipment, which includes 20 ft. DC and 40 ft. DC as well as 40 ft. High cube units, is considered as the core of our activities and we are able to supply huge lots in every part of the world for affordable prices.

Lease and Lease Purchase

Most Companies dealing with expensive or high-quantity goods are offering Leasing as a form of financing and so are we. Due to the fact that we are in the position to deliver nearly every quantity as required , you are given the opportunity to make use of the advantage of paying in installments or rental fees. You do not need to focus on how to realize a huge deal. We offer you the chance to take it easy and to concentrate on the important things of a deal.


Upon request, we provide our customers with containers in locations nominated by them, this includes unusual locations. This service is in collaboration with GCS Global Container Solution Pte Ltd.

Container Buyback

If you need a container for only a single trip and have no idea what to do with it, leave it up to us. Container Buyback is one of the best things we do for both parties. Purchase some of our favorable containers and we will buy it back from you at nearly every destination port you choose, to minimise your costs.

Purpose Build Containers

If you require containers specially made for your needs, for example, storage or office containers, oversized or mini containers, we also supply our long term business and shareholding relationships with container building factories to give you the opportunity to order whatever you need.

Purchase Sales Network

Our concept also includes a global network of offices, partners, and shareholders. Noble Container Leasing Singapore Pte Ltd also offers the support of local partners in taking care of local end customers. This eliminates language barrier and time zone problems from the start and guarantees smooth processing of orders.

For enquiries, contact us and profit from our network with more than 1500 customers worldwide.