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Alpha Manpower offers a wide range of recruitment services to the logistics/supply chain, manufacturing, healthcare, retail, hotel, aerospace, chemical, shipping and IT.

  • Singaporean
  • Singapore PR & Malaysian
  • Foreign Talents as per clients request
  • Overseas Recruitment from: Malaysia, China, India, Myanmar, and Philippines etc.

We will help you find the most qualified and well suited people for your permanent, temporary, and contractual staffing needs.

We specialize in local and foreign recruitment for all seniority levels. Alpha Manpower implements a proven recruitment process that was developed through years of experience in the industry. Licensed by the Ministry of Manpower (MOM), we have a strong understanding of the laws and regulations in hiring local and foreign personnel as far as Singapore is concerned. We also possess a deep knowledge of legal requirements and are highly compliant in all the markets we serve.

Our strong individual backgrounds help us to better understand the HR challenges that most companies face today. Our extensive networks and databases ensure that we find the right people at the right time.

Alpha Manpower is ready to accommodate your recruitment needs at any time.

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Payroll Parking

Aside from our reliable recruitment services, Alpha Manpower also provides assistance in other HR related functions such as handling the short- and long-term staffing requirements for companies that want to be free of the administrative tasks such as wages and salaries of personnel. We know that this is an important undertaking to both the employers and employees, so we strive to act as the trust-worthy and amiable partner by recruiting your staff on our payroll and managing them on your behalf.

The advantages of Payroll Parking can be summed up as follows:

  • Freedom from administrative tasks
  • Freedom from regulatory compliances
  • Greater flexibility to ramp up or ramp down your workforce

To know more about our Payroll Parking and other HR Management services, your may reach us through the information in our Contact us page.

HR Management Outsourcing

Over the years, HR management outsourcing has proven to be an efficient way for companies to handle overall business operations. Both SMEs and MNCs benefit from the convenience, reduced costs, and improved productivity that outsourcing HR functions can bring. Alpha Manpower provides day-to-day HR management services, ensuring that employers and employees are able to resolve any issues that may arise. We aim to create a harmonious working environment for all.

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Work Pass Application

Confused by the myriad of passes available? Work Permit, S-Pass, Employment pass, Personalised Employment pass, Entrepass, Dependant pass, Letter of consent. Different pass have different quota and apply to different business industry and nationality. Do you know how to structure your manpower to minimise the levy? Call us for a non-obligatory chat.

Looking to apply work passes? Let Alpha Manpower assist you. Contact us today.

Personality Assessment and Counselling

Alpha Manpower also provides personality assessment and periodic counselling services. We are licensed to use psychometric tools that help you assess the overall candidate personality and map their traits to a precise job function.

This service tremendously improves the success rate of the people we recommend for your company and other potential candidates who want to take their career in the right direction. From finance managers and account executives to trainers and consultants, employees themselves find the value of this service in their day-to-day work functions. Improved productivity levels and higher job satisfaction obviously create a win-win situation between employers and employees.

One of the tools that we use with our clients is the Harrison Assessments, a tool that enables employers to estimate the success rates of applicants through six key behavioural assessments. Alpha Manpower also uses this assessment for our own recruitment needs. This goes to show that we only utilize tools that we believe to be effective, giving us confidence when dealing with our clients and their requirements.

Our experienced counsellors ensure that all employee issues are properly addressed and your employees are guided on a productive path conducive to all. Their specialized skills are especially vital for our SME clients since they do not need to hire in-house HR and counselling personnel yet leverage on our expertise in this area.