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Product & Services

UrbanSeas® is the definitive solutions provider for custom fish tanks, catering to both residential and commercial owners who want to improve their home décor or office interior design. From consultation to construction, freshwater to marine, maintenance to revamps, not to mention our comprehensive range of aquarium supplies, you can relax as we attend to all your aquarium needs. Our mastery of office and home design, eye for immaculate quality, and aquarium expertise realizes a living work of art that will bring a new light your world.

Every aquascape is unique and our award winning team will create one that strikes a balance just right for you so that you can have the best of both worlds: an aquarium with a stunning aquascape of your choice, and an ecosystem that is well suited to your specific maintenance schedule and needs.

Whether it is an intimate garden water feature, a majestic koi pond, or an exotic fish enclosure, whether you prefer a natural rock finish or a sleek, modern design, UrbanSeas® offers a turnkey solution to the pond of your dreams, from design to construction and ongoing maintenance.

Our individually crafted ponds are holistically designed to blend with the nuances of its surroundings and your existing home interior design. Accented with the strategic water features and critical touches of greenery, your pond, full of fish and plants, can now be part of a layered and beautifully manicured environment.
Maintenance & Services

Our team of professionally trained maintenance technicians will tend to your aquariums, ponds, and landscapes so that you will always be greeted by a vision of calm and tranquility. We also provide a full range of products and services including revamps, general servicing, consultations, dry goods, and livestock.
Events & Special Projects

UrbanSeas® conceptualizes, designs and fabricates specialty aquatic installations in both glass and acrylic forms for a wide range of events. Always full of office décor and interior design ideas and welcoming of any design challenge, our thorough design and development process can cater to any aquatic design need.
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