Products & Services

Our Services:

For Automatic Transmission

  1. Brand new or Reconditioned Transmission of All models
  2. Rebuild, Overhaul or Repair of Automatic Transmission
  3. Rebuilding of Torque Converter
  4. Supply of Transmission Parts
  5. Solutions for Automatic Transmission Mechanical and Electronic problems
  6. Automatic Transmission Maintenance Service
    (Please see our Automatic Transmission Maintenance page)
  7. Free Check and Advice on Automatic Transmission
  8. Diagnostic Reading for Automatic Transmission

For Other Types of Services

  1. Parallel Imported Vehicles Warranty Claim Center
  2. Engine Oil Servicing
  3. Brake Services
  4. Timing Belt Services
  5. Suspension Services
  6. Power Steering Services
  7. Drive Shaft Services
  8. Diagnostic Reading
  9. Miscellaneous

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