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https://i.imgur.com/kD6iJ.jpg TREASURE BOX DIFFERENCE

In 2000, we set up our first Treasure Box Childcare Centre with a commitment to combine learning with childcare; we aim to make a difference by doing it better than others. Read on and learn more about the Treasure Box difference.

Low Teacher to Pupil Ratio
With each teacher looking after fewer pupils, children get more dedicated attention. This way, learning is more effective and interactive. Teachers can cater to the needs of each individual child.

Rule of thumb:
(18 months to 2 years) 1 teacher : 3-4 pupils
Nursery 1
(2 years to 3 years) 1 teacher : 6-7 pupils
Nursery 2
(3 years to 4 years) 1 teacher : 8-9 pupils
Kindergarten 1
(4 years to 5 years) 1 teacher : 15 pupils
Kindergarten 2
(5 years to 6 years) 1 teacher : 15 pupils
Good Parent-School Partnership
Maintaining a good relationship between parents and school helps parents understand their child’s development better.

At Treasure Box, we keep in close contact with parents about their children’s progress and activities through:

* A monthly program list that informs parents about the activities we have planned;
* Quarterly parent-teacher gatherings, and
* Half yearly parent-teacher conferences.

In addition, we offer parents information on many childcare topics that may be of concern to them by giving them our Communication Book.


The distinctive Letter Land method is the foundation of our teaching philosophy. Learning about alphabet, shapes and sound recognition will result in accelerated development of reading and spelling.

Tell Me Why?
Improving communication skills and broadening children’s knowledge are the key objectives of this interactive session. Topics are chosen with the child’s interest in mind.

Young Chefs
Cooking is an enriching experience that can instill a sense of achievement and confidence because children are able to see their masterpieces and even eat them within a short time. This helps boost self-esteem, a valuable gift that lasts a lifetime.
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