About Us

Here at Royal Ambulance Services Pte Ltd our reputation as a business is what we pride ourselves on, which is why our professional conduct and services to our patients have to be of the highest standard every time. They are, after all, the foundations on which our business is built and so everything we do revolves around them.

This is also why we have the utmost faith in all of our staff and promote empowerment throughout our organisation. It’s this approach that allows our employees to feel valued and lends itself to increased passion, inspiration and motivation - all of which translates to improved service for our patients.

With solid business foundations and empowered employees, Royal Ambulance Services Pte Ltd can operate with total integrity, accountability and transparency, while still delivering first-class services to our patients and top-notch training courses to our students.

It’s our goal to become the premier provider of non-emergency ambulance services for the local community and forge strong and meaningful relationships with every single one of our patients.

We thoroughly believe in high levels of community engagement and interaction as they are the best ways to discover exactly what our patients’ want or need. By engaging with the local community on a regular basis we can enhance our service provision to match ever-changing patient demands.

Similarly, our training academy is continually improving its course offerings and our staff are constantly reviewing our educational material to ensure that we deliver only the very best healthcare training courses and vocational courses.

Lastly, we work hand-in-hand with government agencies and various other health and emergency service providers to realise the best outcomes for our patients and everyone in the local community.

HotLine : (65) 6900 9514