About Us

SG HR Services Pte Ltd have more than 20 years of serving the region’s prominent clientele. Our main core of business are recruitment from foreign countries such as China, India, Philippines, Myanmar, Vietnam & Nepal for semi-skilled, skilled as well as professional positions. Our Recruitment Licensed was issued and approved by Singapore Ministry of Manpower under the MOM License No. 05C5541.

Our dedicated and highly trained Consultants and Recruiters will help you solve your manpower needs during peak periods, high turnovers and staff shortages.

We are specialize in local & foreign recruitment in all Industries:

Wafer Fabrications, Semiconductor, Precision & Electronics, Plastics, Chemical, Biomedical, Aerospace, Engineering, Food & Beverages, Hospitality, Hotels, Retails & Services, Automotive
Banking & Finance, Manufacturing etc.

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Our Services Includes:

  • Foreign Recruitment (China, India, Philippines, Vietnam, Myanmar, Nepal)
  • Executive Search for Permanent Placement
  • Cancellation of Work Permit / E/S Passes
  • Application of Work Permit / E/S Passes
  • Renewal of Work Permit / E/S Passes
  • Payroll Services for Local & Foreign
  • Process of Banker’s Guarantee
  • Purchasing of Air Ticket
  • JB Transport Services
  • Immigration Services
  • Renewal of Passport
  • Local Placement
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