Art for Children

Our students are engaged in fun and thematic lessons. Thematic learning enables students to associate and connect learning concepts visually. Making it interesting and interactive, students learn and explore with different art media.

At d'COLLAGE, our students' learning is achieved through the learning dimensions of Observation, Expression and Application.


Learn to see and to draw meaning from what they see

Expression is giving forms to feelings & ideas and translating what's seen into own thoughts and emotions

Applying the learnt skills to the artwork with confidence and minimal guidance

Continual research and assessment are two vital elements in our art learning methodology. We are committed to constant communication and interaction with both our students and their parents, through which, we seek to optimize the strengths of our students with a more holistic learning experience. Importantly, our programmes can be effective only with the continuous support of both students and parents, which is the primary driving force that would propel our art studio towards attaining our passion and goal – Inspire with Arts.

Each term : 10 lessons, once a week, 1hr 30min per lesson
All materials included
Group of maximum 6 per class

Potpourri Programme
Age: 3 - 5

An early interaction between visual and colour applications, a headstart for the development of interest and appreciation of art.
  Assemblage Programme
Age: 5 - 7

An introduction to fundamental art techniques with key elements such as shapes, lines, colours and fun with mixed media and materials.

Montage Programme
Age: 7 - 9

A deeper knowledge appreciation of art techniques and experience with different art forms, along with varied art media to develop creativity.
  Pastiche Programme
Age: 9 - 16

A holistic approach to advance art skills, creativity and self-expression, development of an array of art portfolio in preparation for and
leading to a higher level
in art education.