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  Cleanse & Exfoliate
Efficient cleansing sparks the major role in every skin care regimen. The thickness of our horny layer is much determined by its peeling rate. Sebum secretion & perspiration, temperature conditions & humidity shall directly affects the absorption & breathing of our skin. Therefore, it is very important to choose a suitable cleaner for our skin.

1. Cleanser Forte
2. Renewal Cleanser
3. Refining Gel Wash
4. Peel Pads


Our skin plays an important role in protection, followed closely by sensory senses & regulating of body temperature. Unstable skin temperature shall directly leads to malfunctioning of absoprtion & resistance ability. Hence, the use of Toner to re-establish & regulate skin's temperature is a must-do after cleanse.

1.     Toner Forte      
2.     Hydro Sensitive Toner


Most biological cells are made up of Proteins; formed by chains of amino acids. Through stringent tests; amino acids formed by paramount anti-wrinkles technology & extracts of Algae, Soy, Jojoba Seed Oil, Lychee(Litchi) proven to be non-stimulative. Maintain activation of enzymes, ehance transportation of Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide 7; effectively combat against harmful enviromental aggressors & normalize drainage. Targets & diminishes wrinkles on the forehead & the eye contour and prevent appearance of fine lines.

1.     Eye Make Up Cleanser      
2.     Restorative Eye Cream      
3.     Radiance Eye Gel


  Age - Resilience
Botox NO MORE!! Developed to resolutely turned to the future revealing the secret to longevity & youthfulness of our skin with efficacious & innovative natural botanical actives ~ Acetyl Hexapeptide-3, Calendula Officinalis, Rose Hips, Hydrolyzed Soy Protein, Glycoprotein, Sweet Almond Oil, Ivy Extract, etc. Optimal & visible results as peptides stimulates collagen synthesis, repairs and strengthen cells' regeneration, deeply corrects and smoothed wrinkles.

1.     Action Plus Cream      
2.     Action Plus Serum      
3.     Skin Essence      
4.     Action Plus Ampoules


  Absolute Hydration
Hydration is the core to skin-care and beautiful skin. Continuous infusion of moisture will ensure suppleness of skin, promote skin's self hydro-reserve ability. Improve dehydration, discard fatigue look, reduces sensitivity, skin feels intensely radiant, replenished and glowing with freshness.

1.     Radiance Cream      
2.     Soothing Fluid      
3.     Hydrating Mist


Rapid whitening products may contain Hydroquinone (cancer causing ingredient), with concentration degree of higher than 2% will result in hypersensitivity and skin dermatitis. Docte whitening series contain Bioflavonoid formed from natural extracts. This high performance whitening range effectively inhibit excessive tyrosine activities, reduces melanin production, visibly lighten dark spots. Skin is fortified & luminous clear.

1.     Lightening Cream      
2.     Lightening Night Cream      
3.     Rejuvinating Cream      
4.     Lightening Pads


Sebum, protects & moisturize our skin & hair. When mix with perspiration, forms an emulsified membrane covering the skin's surface. Over-excessive sebum secretion aids in bacterial growth, decrease skin's resistance; resulting to clogged pores, acne & even pustules. High potency ingredients complete a range with antibacterial functions delivering effects of inhibiting free radicals, strengthen blood vessel walls, reduces swelling, prevent bruises, etc.

1.     Rejuvinating Cream      
2.     Refining Cream      
3.     Peel Pads


  Soothing Sensation
Proven statistics shows that the cause of skin allergy, redness & swelling are most often due to stress, drugs, emotional instability & excessive usage of chemical products. For those with sensitive skin, extra care must be taken in choosing skin care products. Skin care products that are unsuitable for sensitive skin or without any quality assurance; will only increase the vulnerability of sensitive skin.

1.     Post AHA Cream Vitaminized
2.     Soothing Serum      
3.     Soothing Fluid
Empowered with natural anti-allergy ingredient – Coccinellifera (cactus fruit) enriched with 18 kinds of amino acids, various trace elements, Vitamin B1 & B2 essential for our skin needs. Together with natural ingredients such as Oleuropein, Sweet Almond, etc; effectively lower blotchy skin temperature, reduce red-swelling, eliminate toxins, gently nourishes & moisturizes while repairing dead cells & enhance formation of keratin synthesis.

4.     Lenitive Cream
5.     Lenitive Mask


  Sun Care
Oil-free, lightweight non-sticky formula; result of comprehensive development, formulated with modern micro-filtration technology to filter & block away long ultraviolet radiation. Protects skin from UVA & UVB damages, defense from free radicals.    

 3 Major skin Damages from Excessive UV Exposure:
  1. Damages epidermis cells, accelerate pigmentation, intercepts skin's moisturizing ability, rough skin texture.
  2. Damages elastic fiber, collagen loss, skin becomes dry & rigid-tight with wrinkles visibly formed.
  3. Under strong UV radiation, skin becomes sensitive & ‘burnt' resulting to skin cancer in some serious circumstances.
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