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Rejuvenating Treatment
Glycolic Acid, together with botanical extracts increases cells division and cellular renewal, enhance exfoliation process, improves self-repair ability, unveiling firm and lumininous skin.

Vitamin & Mineral Treatment
Its special ingredients provide a high degree of moisture, enhances anti-oxidant and normalizes hydration level. Reduces damage caused by free radicals, re-balance and moisturizes the skin, improve skin texture, regaining tender soft and nourish skin.

Advance Acne Treatment
Contains micronized botanical herbs that penetrate easily, stimulate cells to produce necessary nutrients for the skin when mixed with cream or mask. Suitable for different skin problems.

Vello Treatment
Micronized molecules of the collagen, easily penetrates deep into the dermis layer of the skin. Increases skin elasticity, replenish collagen protein.

Anti-Age Treatment
Based on human mechanism and physiological system together with efforts of amalgamating officinal technology and Acetyl-Hexapeptide(active ingredients), wrinkles reduced and fine lines ironed out. It also aids in triggering cells regeneration, improve cells metabolism, reduces sagging, enable skin to recover its luster, firm and radiant self.

Lenitive Treatment
With its soothing and calming ingredients, it rapidly repairs and reduces sensitivity, enhance natural protection, effectively revive healthy skin. Ideal for over sensitive skin and those damaged by strong AHAs.

Depigmentation Treatment
Wake up to brighter, clearer, softer-looking skin. Natural plant extracts with high performance Bio-Flavonoids, with the help of nano encapsulated active substances, it purifies and produces rapid whitening effects, proven to be effective and safe in lightening of pigments and dark spots.


1. Oxyjet
- Oxygen Spray
- To give skin soft, smooth and soothing effect
- Oxygen Jet Peel Non invasive peels horny dead cells and residue of cosmetics on the skin using powerful oxyjet

2. Energist ULTRA VPL
- Improve skin's overall quality
- Reduce fine lines & wrinkles
- Minimize pores
- Reduce melanin pigmentation on skin's surface
- Treat expansion of blood vessels
- Balance skin's colour tone
- Treat acne and pimples

3. Radio Frequency
- Increase blood flow
- Speed up lymphatic drainage system & improves lymphatic circulation
- Increase on expansion of collagen fiber cell & stimulation of collagen
- Delay in aging

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Skin Spa

  • Gentle Olive Stone Exfoliator
  • Therma Wrap
  • Detoxification Mask
  • Vichy Or Hydrotherapy
  • Detoxification Body Massage
  • Ear Candle


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Hair Removal Equipment


Energist ULTRA VPL
1.    Through the atrophy, destroys the hair-follicle, caused the hair to vanish in the vegetal period.
2.     Remove hair at any parts.
3.     Reduce melanin pigmentation on skin’s surface and does not affect perspiration.
4.     Balance skin’s colour tone.
5.     Achieves permanent depilate

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