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Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation &
Automated External Defibrillator Course

(CPR+AED Provider Course)

In Singapore, heart disease is the second commonest cause of death, being responsible for about 24% of total mortality. About 2,400 persons develop an acute heart attack in Singapore. In addition, nearly 1000 people suffer from sudden cardiac arrest in the out-of-hospital environment and another few hundred sustain sudden cardiac arrest after reaching hospital. The total survival rate for the group of pre-hospital collapses is about 2.6%. The actions taken during the first few minutes of an "Emergency" are critical to victim survival. It can be performed by any of us, anywhere. All that is needed is our two hands.

 Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) includes a series of assessments and interventions that support cardiac and pulmonary functions. When cardiac arrest occurs, the heart stops beating and circulation ceases. Unless the circulation is restarted quickly, organ death will begin to occur. The most sensitive organ is the brain and if its circulation is not re-started within 4 minutes, permanent and irreversible damage can occur. It is therefore important to start CPR as quickly as possible.

If CPR is performed promptly and correctly:
  • Heart function may be restored, and
  • Circulation may be maintained until institution of other life support measures.
The AED is a device that delivers electrical shock to restart the pumping action of the heart. The function of the AED is to interpret the heart rhythm and advise the operator whether or not a shock is needed.

When in doubt, apply the AED.

Learn A Skill And Help Save Precious Lives.

Course Structure
Duration : 4-Hour (inclusive of Tea-Break, Assessments and Summary)
Location : Fully-Equipped Training Academy/Onsite

Course Outline
  • Introduction To CPR
  • Chain of Survival – The Importance of Early Defibrillation
  • Role & Responsibilities of First Aider
  • Basic Anatomy & Physiology
  • Epidemiology of Heart Attack
  • CPR Introduction
  • Use of AED
  • Recovery Position
  • Hands-On Session
  • Theory & Practical Tests
  • Evaluation/Feedback
For Whom
Healthcare and Non-Healthcare individuals

Course Fees
Special Group Rate is available.

Course Enrolment
  • Course fees is payable upon registration
  • Course fees may be paid prior course commencement
Participant who successfully demonstrates the required skills and attained written scores of 80% or better shall be awarded CPR+AED Provider certificate valid for 2 years.

Quantum of Refund
  • Absent without notification/No show: No refund
  • Less than 2 weeks' notice : 25% refund
  • Less than 3 weeks' notice : 50% refund

Please contact Chee Tiong @ +65 9767 8822/cs_sms@doctor.com


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