Agar wood commonly known as cheng xiang have aroma therapeutic and health benefits.  Agar wood is a special type of rare wood that can be only found in 8 places namely China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines,   Vietnam, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Papua New Guinea.  Agar wood is said to be able to invigorate one's mind, purify the spirit and calm the soul. And it also works well for an effective detoxification agent and helps to boost one’s energy.

沉香是一种有香蕈和医疗功能的木。它特别稀有,只能在八个地方找得到:中国,印尼,马来西亚,泰国,老撾etc. 沉香能帮到素洁压力,改善睡眠和定神等功能。它也能提高身体的元气达到排毒的作用。



Blue amber is an extremely rare and exclusive gem material. When the natural light strike the blue amber on the surface, it is refracted off.  Hydrocarbons in blue amber turns the sun ultraviolet light into blue light particle which result in the glow from the blue amber.




Jade also known as yu in china has a beautiful lustre yet have a perfect interplay of toughness and hardness. Other than green, it also comes in various shades like white, grey, black, yellow, orange as well as delicate violet. The value of jade is determined according to the density of the color and its clarity and transparency.

玉是一种拥有美丽色泽但又坚硬。 除了绿色以外,它也有其他颜色比如白,黑,黄,橙,紫色 等。玉的价值来之它的色泽浓度,明晰度。



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