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Jarell Ng
06 Jul 2012

I like Math Monkey because the class is very interesting. We learned special methods and the methods are faster than the school methods. I like the games that Math Monkey organised.

Mabel Ng (Mother of Jerron and Jarrell)
06 Jul 2012

I am glad that I found Math Monkey! My second son, Jerron, previously a non-focus boy, is now able to focus and finish his homework, especially Math. His Math has improved after joining Math Monkey for only 2 lessons. He is now able to do his Math independently. I even have feedback from his form teacher that he is the now, the first to finish in class, without her guiding him. And all questions were answered correctly! His form teacher is surprised! Now not just his math, it seemed that his other subjects also improved. Thanks to Math Monkey!

Natalie Koh Yuan En
06 Jul 2012

I enjoy Math Monkey because their Warm Up is challenging and if I get full marks, they will give me a bonus sticker so I can collect a prize from the prize box. I hope that my mum will ask her friends to come so that I will have 10 extra stickers.

Aaryan Natali
06 Jul 2012

I'm enjoying the classes because I 'm getting to know new and quick techniques in Multiplication and Division, and much more! It's really a fun and enjoyable class with games, new simple techniques and let's not forget, LOTS OF FUN!!!!!

Elizabeth Cheng
06 Jul 2012

I used to think Math is a drag. However, after Math Monkey my perspective changed. Math to me is now very fun and I looked forward to come every week and play the challenging games. The reward system is very superb and I love Blink!

Mrs. Josephine Cheng (Mother of Elizabeth Cheng)
06 Jul 2012

My daughter was only in Math Monkey for a term and I can see the changes in her attitude towards Math. She does not 'hate' the subject anymore, instead find it a challenge to solve and improve her math skills. I believe this program has given her the right skills to solve math problems, but more importantly the confidence to actually solve it. In the one term that she has been with Math Monkey, her grades has improved from 66 to 92. I am glad that we have found Math Monkey, this fun approach to Math works!

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