The Sloane Clinic – The ultimate one-stop aesthetics and body wellness spa

They say that the easiest way to see a person’s well-being is through the clarity of her complexion, and indeed, having a glow on one’s face is definitely one of the most coveted. Priceless as they come, maintaining your face in optimum condition requires the best technologies and dermatology techniques to visibly improve the look and feel of the skin. The Sloane Clinic looks to be at the forefront of these new procedures by being the first clinic in Southeast Asia to introduce the Fraxel laser and the PPx Photopneumatic therapy, together with the new range of Epicuren skincare to Singapore .

Dr Low Chai Ling, a specialist in cosmetic formulation and lasers, together with Dr Kenneth Li, who has a special interest in wound healing and fillers, are the directors behind their movement of advancement for Singapore ’s aesthetic revolution. Accomplished and successful as they are, both Dr Low and Dr Li are known to be meticulous and warm towards all their patients, believing that face and body wellness is not a gift just for a chosen few, but for anyone who can dedicate themselves to a holistic and balanced lifestyle.

The Sloane Clinic has 2 branches on our island, with one in the bustling Caltex House, where my appointment was held, and the other more suburbanized at the rustic Chip Bee Gardens , which is across the road from Holland Village . Offering an extensive range of face and body treatments from laser and botox treatments to intensive facials and weight loss programs, the Sloane Clinic is a one stop solution that caters to women and men of varying concerns and needs.

  • The consultation with Dr Low
    Meeting with Dr Low was like having an honest chat with a friend that you trust. She was professional yet warm enough to engage me into having an honest discussion about the problems of my complexion, and displayed great evidence of someone who really knows her specialization through and through. She managed to accurately analyze the reasons that were causing my stressed skin, and then proceeded to prescribe what she felt would be ideal for my recovery. With her confidence and efficiency, I was looking forward to begin my treatment.
  • The treatment
    Because my skin type was analyzed to be acne prone as well as sensitive, Dr Low advised for the healing Deep Red therapy, which is a 5-step treatment that incorporates the LED Red Light therapy to boost cell metabolism and rapid healing. In addition, it is good for reducing the redness of the skin which will allow for my face to look clearer and brighter.

    After the initial cleansing regimes, a microdermabrasion scrub was then applied to get rid of stubborn bacteria. Those with sensitive skin should notify the therapist to allow her to lighten the pressure during the procedure. A deep Sonic cleansing machine is then used for simple cleansing, which was a little unnerving for a first-timer like me due to its sound and occasional stings of pain. Nevertheless, the stings gradually felt lighter along the process.

    After my face was thoroughly and carefully cleansed, I was then exposed to the highlight of this whole treatment which involved the LED Red Light Therapy. Armed with goggles over my eyes, the initial shock of the light that was placed at close range over my face was still unbearable, but takes some time to get used to it. After 20 minutes, the treatment resumed with a Sonophoresis machine that the therapist informed me to be an extremely effective machine in injecting generous amounts of vitamin C into my face, which aids in collagen reproduction. It was then concluded with a relaxing Collagen Whitening Masque that helps to rehydrate and whiten the face further.

My Afterthought
Although I was just in for a 60 minute skin spa treatment, I got up from the bed totally recharged and fresh. I say in all honesty that my skin feels renewed and firm. Although my acne was not immediately treated, I had confidence that it will improve with continued visits to Sloane. My therapist proved to be helpful in providing skincare advice, and I appreciated the fact that she informed me of every procedure before she advanced, which made it an interactive experience that proved to be educational for me as well.

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