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Derma Image: Satiate your beauty palate

Located conveniently in the Specialists' Shopping Centre along Orchard Road , Derma Image is one modestly dressed up spa that offers more than what meets the eye. Choosing to abstain from over-exposure to publicity and advertising gimmicks, this spa prefers to its treatments speak for itself, with a full-fledged team of experienced beauty experts who know the industry through and through.

Whether you want to spend a whole day pampering yourself in lazy splendor, or pop in for a targeted treatment, Derma Image is the place to go. Utilizing only cutting edge beauty aesthetic technologies like the Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) as well as the Radio Frequency (RF). all the equipment used in this spa are CE^ marked and FDA approved.

When you first strut into their pristine, yet cushy waiting area, you are overcome by a sense of calmness--a welcome change to the hustle and bustle of the city. Combining minimalist décor with an Asian influence, the space is trendy but never overbearing.

Take a peek through their spa menu and you might just be tempted to indulge in everything. From the varied facial therapies that target specific concerns and complete rejuvenation, to slimming, wellness and hair removal services, Derma Image invites you to unwind and simply leave all your worries behind the moment you step through its polished glass doors.

Highly recommended are the IPL hair removal services that are performed with the light wavelength technology to safely remove unwanted hair permanently. This technology is a quick and safe procedure that gently disables the development of hair follicles, leaving your skin smooth and hair-free after just three brief sessions of less than 10 minutes a pop, without any form of irritation or damage. Whether you are planning to keep it smooth in areas of the underarm, legs, bikini line, back and more , the all-female team of specialists are Derma Image are ready to assist you and make you feel at ease. Prices start at just $45 for ladies, and $70 for men. With such excellent technologies around, you can kiss your days of tiresome sessions of waxing and shaving goodbye.

Reserve yourself a session at Derma Image and be prepared to satiate every desire of your beauty palate. This is the place to go if you are in need of some serious skin SOS, painless permanent hair removal solutions or simply a quick pick-me-up. Indeed, this spa boasts of effective treats that are definitely worth your time and every penny spent.

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