Susan Lim Surgery

Susan Lim Group Surgical Practice is a multi-disciplinary specialist surgical Centre located at both the Mount Elizabeth and Gleneagles Medical Centres, the 2 premier hospitals under the Parkway Group Healthcare.

The focus of the Practice is on providing patients with the highest quality of medical and surgical care leveraging the latest diagnostic and therapeutic technologies and maintaining high standards of professional integrity.

The Group Surgical Practice focuses on minimally invasive surgery, advanced laparoscopic surgery, robotic surgery, oncologic (cancer) surgery, breast screening and surgery, surgical and non-invasive procedures for weight management, plastic and cosmetic surgery, and urology. Each of these areas is headed by specialist surgeons utilizing new and appropriate technologies to diagnosis and deliver the latest in treatments to our patients.

The Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery division focuses on providing keyhole surgeries for abdominal adhesions, abdominal tumours and malignancies involving the liver, pancreas, intestines, appendix, colon and other organs. The Group also pioneered the NOTES procedure (Natural Orifice Transluminal Endoscopic Surgery) at the Parkway Hospitals, Singapore, an incisionless way of performing surgery using only natural orifices for surgical access. The aim of the Division is to offer patients a minimal access solution to a wide range of surgical conditions, facilitating a rapid recovery and minimizing scars.

In the area of robotic surgery the Group has pioneered the general surgery program for Singapore using the Da Vinci surgical system. The Team has also pioneered the first robotic hysterectomy and myomectomy for Singapore. Its urology division embraces robotic technology and the Green Laser for the surgical management of prostatic diseases and cancer.

Breast Screening & Surgery remains the main focus of the Group’s Women’s Division. Here, the emphasis is on the early detection and prevention of invasive breast cancer through regular screening, using the latest technologies in ultrasound imaging, digital mammography and magnetic resonance imaging. Minimally invasive surgical procedures are used where appropriate and the surgical approach to the breast focuses both on safety as well as aesthetics. Our plastic surgical division offers a one-stop team approach providing oncoplastic surgery and reconstruction options following surgery for cancer, all under one roof. In addition, Plastic Surgical Practice also offers the full range of breast aesthetic procedures including breast lifts, augmentation and reduction.

Over the last few years, Dr Susan Lim, through her research arm Stem Cell Technologies i, has been investigating the role of adult stem cells in diseases such as diabetes, liver cirrhosis, and breast cancer. Most recently, the team has commenced induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cell research, as a potential autologous source of cells for end stage diseases.
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