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Orchard M.D. Clinic & Surgery
Our 2 doctors, Dr Goh Pui Kiat and Dr Kelvin Goh Yong Chiang cumulatively have more than 30 years of skin and medical experience. We use the most advanced, medically proven technology currently available to deliver results to our patients. Ever mindful of the needs of our patients, service is one of the cornerstones of our treatment process.

Since 1994, thousands of patients from all over have flocked to us - currently making us one of the largest and busiest clinics in Singapore.

We treat the following medical conditions :
Itchy skin / Eczema / Rashes
Skin Allergies
Scars / Wrinkles
Hair Loss / Dandruff

Core Areas
Our 2 core areas are:

a) Skin - analysis and treatment
At all visits, a skin examination and analysis is done. The skin is checked for distribution, type and size of lesions. Treatment options are then discussed and tailored to the needs of the patient by our doctors.

For lesions on the face the other parameters recorded are:
Oily / Dry
Presence / Absence of Pigmentation

b) Medical - Weight Management and Body Contouring
At the first consultation, the patients dietary and exercise history are discussed. The Weight, Blood Pressure and Body Mass Index of the patient are recorded at every visit by our clinical staff. Treatment pathways are then explored together with our Doctors.
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