MyKidsPlace aims to become the top retailer of outdoor ride-on toys and transport equipment for children of all ages. To achieve that, we strive to give our customers a buying experience that is convenient and trustworthy.

At our retail front, we try to display all our products and in the process of buying, simple demonstrations are being given. These ensure that the products are of genuine quality and show our sincerity in trying to offer a suitable product to fulfil the needs of our customers.

There are scenarios when customers encounter issues of products being damaged in the course of using it. MyKidsPlace offers convenience in the manner we try to assist our customers either by sending the damaged item for servicing or suggesting appropriate solution to ensure customers’ inconvenience is minimised.

Given our two virtues that we have practised over these years, MyKidsPlace is confident that we can become the reputable household brand that we strive out to achieve.

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