ValueMax Group Pte Ltd

ValueMax Group of Pawnshops is a pawn broking chain that has been steadfastly serving the communities in Singapore for over two decades. Our strong expertise has put us in the lead amongst micro-financiers in Singapore in terms of market shares.

Strong Background
With varied interests in money-lending, forex trading, gold dealing, jewellery manufacturing, wholesaling and property development, our management is highly experienced in the business community and whether you pawn, sell or buy with us, ValueMax is well able to give you the value you trust.

Sincere & Reliable Service 
Like a dependable friend, ValueMax strives to ensure that our business processes are true to our value of integrity. Always working towards maximising our client’s returns, we are the one whom people in need of short-term cash flow think of first for quick and easy secure financing. Our customers know that ValueMax will always give them excellent value in more ways than one. 

Modern Facilities
Topmost of all is our excellent pawn value which we arrive at not only through the expertise of our experienced pawn masters, but also with the use of modern appraising instruments and computerised systems. Besides this, customers can be sure that their pawned items are in good hands as we have a strong secure storage system for safekeeping of pledged items. Besides this, we also have an in-house jewellery workshop to skillfully re-condition jewellery and watches. 

The trust that we have built over the years have earned ValueMax some noteworthy accolades. In 2010, ValueMax received the Enterprise 50 award and also the Singapore Prestige Brands Award in its Established Brands category. 

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