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Bez Balloons

Bez Balloons Pte Ltd began business on January 1, 2000 and by now, we have become Singapore's largest balloon company.

We are best known and relied upon for balloon decor and services for launchings, openings and company functions. We also arrange for custom-made giant shaped advertising balloons, and inflatable bouncers for children. We are the only balloon company in Singapore with facilities to print customers' logos and designs on balloons.

In 2001, we introduced lighted giant balloons. And by 2002, our lighted balloons have become the most sophisticated in design in this market. We can light them up at various wattages with minimal maintenance compared to our competitors'.

In 2002, we set up the first and (still) only balloon printing machines in Singapore. We offer the one and only quality printing on latex balloons in town.

With our facilities and services, it is little wonder that nearly everyone and every company that needs balloons and related services have come to us. Our long list of customers include many Government departments and ministries, the major banks, corporations big and small, event companies, florists, magicians and countless individuals. Indeed, we are proud to be the balloons and inflatables supplier to the National Day Parade for each and every year with a certificate of appreciation from the Minister of Defense each time.

We are not resting on any laurels, for we will be venturing into new products and services to better service the needs of everyone who wants balloons and anything inflatable.

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