About Us

Sciencescan was established by a small group of scientist &
who believe in high standard of professionalism in serving
customers. We are distributor of Scientific Products who also provide
total solution
services. For the past years, we maintained a good
record of
customers’ satisfaction. Our business approach begins with
customer’s need -- and with the high calibre staff we
guarantee quality of service.

Products & Services

EUROVECTOR - CHNS-O Elemental Analysis using Turbo Flash Combustion Technology
GILSON - Pipetman, Minipuls Peristaltic Pump, Liquid Handling Product
NEWPORT SCIENTIFIC - Rapid Viscosity dough Analyser for flour, feed and food product
PERTEN - Falling Number, DiodeArray/NIR for Food Product
PMI - Porosity Characterization Instruments include liquid / gas permeability
CHROMACOL - GC/LC Autosamplers Vials-Caps-Seals
OTHER PRODUCTS - Magnetic Stirrer Hot Plate, Centrifuge, Vortex Mixer, Pipetting Aid

Life Sciences
GESIM - Sub Microliter Liquid Handling, Microfluidics flowthrough Systems
HAMPTON RESEARCH - Screening kit & Consumables tool for crystallization needs
NEXUS BIOSYSTEMS - IRORI Combinational Chemistry, Univ Store Compound Storage System
REACT ARRAY - Automated Process Screening & Optimization for the Synthetic Chemist
SPECTRUM - Dialysis, Ultrafiltration, Process Separation, Cell Expansion Prod, Fraction Collector

Environmental & Hygiene
SKC - World leader in Air Sampling Technologies
LARSON DAVIS - Sound Acoustics & Human Vibration
LSI - HVAC Physical Quantities Monitoring
GRIMM - Particle Mass/Size and Fine Dust Monitor
AWA - On-Line Water Analysers up to 8 test parameters
OTHER PRODUCTS - Air Sampling Device MST, Hi-Vol PUF, NOX / SOX / O3 / VOC / CH4

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