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Business Continuity Management Institute, or BCM Institute, is a successful Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery practice, providing professional services by way of consulting, in-house training and public courses - such as our popular BCM5000 and DRP5000.

Established in 2005, the Institute also oversees the certification of qualified professionals with the globally recognized BCCP®, BCCS®, DRCS®, BCCE® and DRCE® accreditation.

Currently, the Singapore head office supervises the Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery services to regional MNCs and corporations via BCMI (Australia & New Zealand), BCMI (Thailand), BCMI (Malaysia) and BCMI (India).

Our education services and continuity practice are also represented in Philippines, Hong Kong, China, Europe, Africa and North America by business partnerships and franchisee arrangements.

The global business has been expanding due to the demand for services in the wake of major natural disasters, as well as from increased requirements for training in Risk Assessment/Reduction, Risk Impact Analysis and BC Planning.

Regional governments and regulatory bodies have also implemented industry practice codes, such as SS540:2008 and BS 25999, to ensure MNCs and SMEs are prepared, have maintained and are able to recover operations both during and after a disaster.

In BCM Institute (Singapore), our back-end support services and marketing initiatives are largely online & technology driven.

Due to this increased local & regional demands, we require another full time Web specialist to augment our current team.

Learn more about us at www.bcm-institute.org., or Google ‘Business continuity Management' or 'BCM'.

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