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Detective Agency Meaning Detective Agency is an institution that works to make inquiry for its clients. For example if you want to research about an individual or a person seeking for help from detective agency will help you to do the task. They are staffed with people who are professionals when it comes to searching about and for people. Sometimes there services are needed to look for people that are missing, to look for evidences for crimes, and to look and search for anything that a client asked for. Hiring a detective agency can be very expensive because they do tough job.

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Quick, Efficient & Discreet Licensed Private Investigators
Highly professional male and female private investigators

Our Extensive Range of Investigation Services;
- Investigation of matrimonial & commercial cases
- Investigations on child custodies, abuse or maintenance claims
- Missing persons, surveillance of family members
- Trademark infringements
- Employee background checks for enterprises in Singapore
Our Rapid Response Team can start on your investigation immediately!
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