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What is a Women's Clinic?
Womens Clinic provide comprehensive healthcare for women. They provides Obstetrics & Gynecology (O&G) services from Gynae, pregnancy, fertility, health screening & other wide range of health services for women.

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Women Clinic Information Health is very important to every person in the world. Men, women and even children should take care of their health. So, there are clinics that have different purposes. Women clinic are especially made for women who are suffering from different kinds of conditions that should be treated. In this clinic, professionals are the ones who are handling the case of the patients. Since this clinic is especially made for women, professionals focus on the possible conditions that can affect women and how it can be treated. Most of the professionals in this clinic are also women in order for the patients to fully trust the professional.

The OBGYN Centre Pte Ltd Photos
Wide Range of Womens Health Care Services & Treatments
Private, Premium & Personalised Healthcare Services
Dr Wong is conversant in English, Mandarin & Japanese

Our Services
- Your Preferred Doctor for Your Pregnancy
- Discreet Premier Abortion Clinic in Singapore
- Day Surgery is Available at our Clinic
- Cosmetic Gynecology & Botox
Opening : Mon to Fri; 9am – 5pm
Sat; 9am – 1pm
Closed on SUn & PH
Address : Paragon Shopping Centre, #11-07, 290 Orchard RoadParagon Shopping Centre, #11-07, 290 Orchard RoadSingaporesingapore, 238859
Branches :
Category : Pregnancy and Childbirth
Tel : 6235 4188
Website :
Chinese Medical & Acupuncture (Yue Qi) Photos
Our Clinic will be Closed for Chinese New Year 2024 from 9 February (Friday) to 24 February (Saturday).
Clinic will be open for Consultaion from February 25th (Sunday)!

Happy Lunar New Year !!!

Physician Mr Yu Yue Qi specialises in Internal Medicine, Gynaecology and Acupuncture and is well-versed in the practice of a wide range of Chinese Medical Treatment.
男科,女科,儿科,中风,半身不遂,高血压,糖尿病,心悸, 失眠,头痛,头晕,胃痛,腰痛,尿频,外感发热,鼻炎,咽炎,哮喘,各类皮肤病,跌打,扭伤,骨伤,风湿性关节炎,痔疮等
Address : HDB Bedok, #01-23, 84 Bedok North Street 4HDB Bedok, #01-23, 84 Bedok North Street 4Singaporesingapore, 460084
Category :
Tel : 6446 2392
Website :
Dr Tan and Partners Photos
Full Service Medical Clinic with 7 outlets
Fully Accredited HIV & STD Clinic
Focusing on comprehensive HIV & STD screening & testing

DTAP Clinic (Dr. Tan & Partners) is a GP Plus medical chain with a special focus on providing comprehensive and holistic care for Mens health, Womens health and other Acute & Chronic medical issues.
About Us
- Experienced Team of Doctors
- Male/Female Doctors (Locals & Foreigners)
- Open Daily till Late
- Anonymous HIV testing
- Anonymous STD Screening Packages
- SG Womens GP Clinics
Address : Dr Tan and Partners, International Plaza, #17-07, 10 Anson RoadDr Tan and Partners, International Plaza, #17-07, 10 Anson RoadSingaporesingapore, 079903
Branches :
Category : N/A
Tel : 6238 7810
Website :
Herbal One Clinic Photos
Non-Invasive Treatment & Medication for Children.
Our uniquely concocted Pediatric treatments such as the Bio-Light Cough Therapy are 100% natural and non-invasive without any risk of side effects.
Opening : Mon - Wed : 1pm - 9pm ; Fri : 1pm - 9pm ; Sat : 10am - 5pm ; Sun 10am - 3pm.
Address : Royal Square Medical Centre, #18-10, 101 Irrawaddy RoadRoyal Square Medical Centre, #18-10, 101 Irrawaddy RoadSingaporesingapore, 329565
Category :
Tel : 6376 2345
Whatsapp : 8292 9772
Website :
SOG - Choo Wan Ling Clinic for Women Photos
Highly Recommended & Renowned Gynaecologist
Expectant mothers will be left in the good hands of Dr Choo
Experienced & well-versed in all aspects of pregnancy management.

Complete services in the areas of;
- All pregnancy matters, Obstetric Care
- Infertility
- Treatment of menstrual problems
- Fibroids or cysts
- Menopausal care as well as antenatal and postnatal care
We offer a wide range of health screening tests for women
Family planning/contraception are also available at the clinic.
Opening : 9:00 am - 5:00 pm (Mon, Wed, Thurs & Fri) | 9:00 am - 1:00 pm (Tue, Sat) | Closed on Sunday & P.H.
Address : Mount Elizabeth Novena (Hospital & S..., #10-30, 38 Irrawaddy RoadMount Elizabeth Novena (Hospital & Specialist Centre), #10-30, 38 Irrawaddy RoadSingaporesingapore, 329563
Category : Women Clinic, Gynaecology Clinic, Pregnancy Clinics
Tel : Call now
Very experience doctor which comforts you while doing the screening for those first time mommies as they tend to get jittery for their more..
GynaeMD Women's & Rejuvenation Clinic Photos
Womens Clinic @ Camden by Dr Christopher Ng‎
Experienced, Trusted Gynaecologist

Our Services
- Pregnancy Clinic
- Gynaecology Services
- Aesthetics & Rejuvenation Services
Address : Camden Medical Centre, #04-03A, 1 Orchard BoulevardCamden Medical Centre, #04-03A, 1 Orchard BoulevardSingaporesingapore, 248649
Category : Women Clinic, Clinic, Gynaecologist, Hair Loss, Women
Tel : Call now
If you want the very best Doctor for yourself, your mother, daughter, sister or friend then you need Dr. Christopher Ng. He is truly a more..
Peter Chew Clinic For Women Photos
Senior Consultant Obstetrician & Gynecologist
Dr Chew is a resource speaker for many public seminars, TV forums and interviews

Dr Chew specializes in
- Endometriosis, Ovarian Cysts,
- Vaginal Discharge
- General Obstetrics
- Fertility Treatment services.
Address : Gleneagles Medical Centre, #06-05, 6 Napier RoadGleneagles Medical Centre, #06-05, 6 Napier RoadSingaporesingapore, 258499
Category :
Tel : Call now
the best clinic I have ever visited.. Mr chew is the most well known gynae at Gleneagles hospital.. no one hesitate of his ability to more..
Motoko Clinic For Women Photos
Specializes in Infertility Treatment
Female Gynecologist & Clinic For Japanese Women
Assisting women with all their feminine healthcare needs

About Dr Motoko
- The only English, Japanese & Mandarin-speaking female doctor
- Dr Motoko is accredited with MOH.
- Dr Motoko also provides
- Childbirth Services
- Gynecological screenings
Opening : Mon to Fri : 9am to 1pm & 2pm to 5pm
Sat : 9am to 1pm
Closed on Sun & PH
Address : Motoko Clinic For Women Pte Ltd Paragon Medical Centre, ..., #11-13/14, 290 Orchard RoadMotoko Clinic For Women Pte Ltd Paragon Medical Centre, Paragon Medical Centre, #11-13/14, 290 Orchard RoadSingaporesingapore, 238859
Category :
Tel : Call now
Searching for a professional and good gyne come down to Motoko clinic located at Paragon Medical.
FertilityCare Singapore Photos
Improve Your Chances of Conceiving Naturally
FertilityCare is a Natural System to Fertility Awareness

It can be used not just to achieve or to avoid pregnancy, but also to further evaluation and treatment of various women's health eg infertility, repeated miscarriages, and many others.
Address : Mapex, #08-18, 37 Jalan PemimpinMapex, #08-18, 37 Jalan PemimpinSingaporesingapore, 577177
Category :
Tel : Call now
FertilityCare is a program of integrated health education in the area of fertility, using the Creighton Model FertilityCare more..
Astra Centre for Women & Fertility Pte Ltd Photos
Reputable & Recommended Obstetrician & Gynaecologist
Specialized care for mother and fetus. Includes ultrasound scans, papsmear tests, In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF), Intra-Uterine Insemination (IVI) & Andrology.
Opening : Fong's Clinic (Jalan Membina) Mon&Fri only 9:30AM-5:30PM. The Centre(Paragon) Tues&Thurs 9:30AM-4:30PM, Sat(Consultation only) 9AM-1PM. Closed on Sun & PH.
Address : Centre for Women & Fertility Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital, ..., #05-40, 38 Irrawaddy RoadCentre for Women & Fertility Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital, Mount Elizabeth Novena Specialist Centre & Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital, #05-40, 38 Irrawaddy RoadSingaporesingapore, 329563
Branches :
Category :
Tel : Call now
Obstetrics & Gynaecology, and fertility services for all woman & her spouse needs. Professional, experienced doctor. Good more..