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Beauty & U was founded by Ms. Irene Leong in 1990. With more than 20 years of experience as a professional beauty therapist, Ms. Leong dedicates herself to the line of business, continuously innovates and improves her services. In Beauty & U, customers will find quality and valued beauty cares, tailor to their own needs.

梁小姐于1990开办美容护理中心,从业美疗护理超过20年,一直努力追求于中西美容医学发展的最前线。Beauty & u 致力于在温暖舒适、关怀备至的环境中,为客户提供最高水准的专业护理服务。希望客户的每次到访,都是一次焕然一新的体验,继而逐步迈向健康美丽的人生。


The latest and effective facial treatment

A. Dragon’s Blood & Poly Helinax

30 Days Dermal Layer Rejuvenation

B. 100% Organic Micro-collagen + Collagen light

It is the most effectively than regular collagen; it really penetrates our skin cells, and reduces the size of eye bags and wrinkles.

Blk 5 # 01-2605 Eunos Crescent, Singapore 400005
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